Keisuke Nishihara, Masahiro Ito, etc

page 261, Table 11-1, last item


Keisuke Nishihara, Masahiro Ito, etc

page 261, 2nd permission example


Keisuke Nishihara, Masahiro Ito, etc

page 262, 2nd paragraph

600 -> 077

Keisuke Nishihara, Masahiro Ito, etc

page 625, line 6

level err -> level crit

Bartol Filipovic

page 72 the hexdumps

assembler code snippets, which show how to change
SIGTRAP to SIGUSR1 are identical: More precisely in both
cases (for >push $0x5< and >push $0x1E<) the hexdump is shown
as 6a 05. But in case of >push $0x1E< i would expect a dump
of 6a 1e.


ch 3, pg 35

symbol table has
B Uninitialized data (.bss)
however, the printed example of output shows
0804a06c A __bss_start
it would seem that Uninitialized data is signified by A rather than B


ch 11, pg 273

"www.openbsd.com" would more appropriately be "www.openbsd.org"


ch 11, pg 274

"X Windows does function..." should be "does not function..."


ch 12, pg 319

"top 10" lists both say 2002 (first one listed should be 2003?)


ch 16, pg 377

"the part of the application visitble to the user..." should be "application visible to..."


ch 16, pg 382

"but how does we..." should be "how do we..."


ch 18, pg 416

"ngrep.courceforge.net" should be "sourceforge"


ch 20, pg 453

"RFC 918" should be "RFC 1918"


ch 21, pg 467

"Linux iptables, ipchains, FreeBSD, NetBSD, or ipf or OpenBSD's new pf  code"
 Should be something more like:  "iptables or ipchains on Linux, and ipfw, ipf, or the new pf on     FreeBSD,  NetBSD, and OpenBSD (each *BSD has at least one of the above)"

Michael Gerth


"IPV6" -> "IPv6"


p 27, line 2

Comment character (;) missing at beginning of line


p. 27, 2nd code, 3rd line

"with the following:" should be a standard paragraph
instead of being part of the code.


76, last text para, 1st line

"dt_tag" -> "d_tag"
(see code above this para)


p. 125, Table 4-1

bit values in the table are wrong (they don't match
what the table is said to be about).


127, 1st code, 2nd line

"BL if = equal" -> "BL if equal"


135, line 4

"registries" ->  "registers"


139, line 6

"28 (hex) bits of memory" -> "28 (hex) bytes of memory"


141, line 11

"a message of just "R"" -> "a message of just "H""


is not described in the list below the code

      The IP Time-to-live field.


196, 1st para of Fragroute section, line 2

"to its its author" -> "to its author"


214, code in lower half

line with whois command is missing



"In might seem" -> "It might seem"



"list of search of engines" -> "list of search engines"


246, 2nd para in section "Timestamps"

"(change time, or ctime)" and "(modified time, or mtime)"
are misplaced and need to be swaped.


252, 1st list entry

"Telnet, shell on port" -> "Telnet, shell on high port"



The introducing sentences for the two lists refer both to the
same year (2002). The first list is for 2003.



"Service Message Block" -> "Server Message Block"



"Adminstrative" -> "Administrative"


377, line 14

"visitble" -> "visible"


397, end of 5th line

"segmen" -> "segment"


413, para after list entry 7.

The 2nd sentence announces "We will look at two well-known
replacements: syslog-ng...", but syslog-ng is not described
any further in this chapter.


416, line 11-12

"http://ngrep.courceforge.net/" -> "http://ngrep.sourceforge.net/



The dot at the end of line should be removed


441, bottom of page, list entry "1."

There are two colons at end of line, one is redundant.


445, References

The last entry is redundant (repeats the 4th entry).



One redundant "a" at end of line.



"RFC 918" -> "RFC 1918"


456, 2nd-to-last line

"oneof" -> "one of"


465, last section title

"framwork" -> "framework"


475, list item 1



513, table A-9, last row

"Preceding an address" -> "Preceding an address specifies indirection"



"European-managed" -> "European managed"